Pulmonary & Respiratory Medicine

ISSN: 2161-105X

Open Access

Kamal A Mohammed

Kamal A Mohammed

Kamal A Mohammed
Executive Editor
Associate Professor
University of Florida, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine, USA


Kamal A Mohammed is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, University of Florida, and Research Health Scientist at NF/SGVHS, Malcom Randal VAMC, Gainesville, FL. He has received a PhD in Immunology MS in Zoology, and BS in Applied Nutrition Public Health from the Osmania University, Andhra Pradesh, India. He has received Excellence in Research Award from the University of Florida, College of Medicine, USA. He is serving as reviewer for 6 peer reviewed journals and authored, co-authored 41 original research articles published in peer reviewed journals and contributed 3 book chapters.

Research Interest

Research interests include Innate and adaptive immune defenses in pleural and pulmonary diseases, Toll-like receptor signaling in pleural infections and asthma Pathogen/antigen induced lung injury and epithelial barrier function, Allergen/Mechano-transduction induced airway remodeling, Beta-defensins in pleural and pulmonary infections, Receptor tyrosine kinase signaling in airway remodeling and lung injury in COPD, and Micro RNA signaling in lung infections/injury.


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