Advances in Recycling & Waste Management

ISSN: 2475-7675

Open Access

Junbeum Kim

Junbeum Kim

Junbeum Kim
Associate Professor
University of Technology of Troyes, France


Dr. Junbeum KIM is an associate professor in CREIDD Research Centre on Environmental Studies & Sustainability, Department of Man, Environment & Information Technology (HETIC) at University of Technology of Troyes (UTT), France. He is conducting researches about sustainable resource management for renewable energy system as well as information communication & technology system. He holds a Ph.D. from Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering at Arizona State University (U.S.) on December in 2008, a Master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University (U.S.) and Environmental Engineering from Inha University in South Korea. After 2 years Post-Doc. experiences in University of California, Santa Barbara and University of Minnesota, in 2012, he joined to University of Technology of Troyes, France.

Research Interest

1. Sustainable energy and resource management, sustainable engineering, industrial ecology
2. Waste management (e-waste, end-of-life vehicles and other waste resources)
3. Life cycle assessment (LCA) and material flow analysis (MFA) (e.g., critical materials)
4. Agricultural and forestry biomass to bioenergy, biofuels and bioproducts systems
5. Environmental, economic and policy analysis for systems (renewable energy, information communication technology, products, infrastructures, urban) 6. Sustainability network theory and analysis, complex network system 7. Substrate with Organic covering range from biosources (SORAGO project)


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