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Juan Antonio Rodriguez Diaz

Juan Antonio Rodriguez Diaz

Juan Antonio Rodriguez Diaz
Postdoctoral Researcher
National University of Cordoba, Spain


Juan Antonio Rodríguez Díaz, PhD, is postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Agronomy of the University of Cordoba (Spain). He obtained his Agricultural Engineering degree in 2000 and the PhD degree in the field of water resources management in 2004, both in the University of Cordoba. In 2005 he joined the Centre for Water Science in Cranfield University (UK) for two years thanks to a fellowship funded by Ifapa (Junta de Andalucia, Spain). In 2008 he was awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Science with a Ramon y Cajal and he returned to the University of Cordoba to work as senior researcher. Author of numerous publications in the field of irrigation water management and hydraulics engineering, including over 35 paper in scientific journals in the field of water resources management and hydraulic engineering. He has received several awards that include the ICID WatSave award for young researchers in 2004.

Research Interest

•    Irrigation engineering
•    Efficient energy use in pressurized water distribution networks
•    Irrigation water resources management
•    Climate change impacts on irrigation demand
•    Benchmarking and performance indicators for efficient water and energy use in irrigated areas
•    Water – food – energy nexus in irrigated areas

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