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Jorge Manuel Calico Lopes de Brito

Jorge Manuel Calico Lopes de Brito

Jorge Manuel Calico Lopes de Brito
University of Lisbon, Portugal


Academic Degrees
Aggregation to Full Professorship in Civil Enginneering - IST - 2005
PhD in Civil Engineering, Bridge Management Systems - IST - 1993
MSc in Structural Engineering, Pathologies of Concrete Structures - IST - 1987 Graduation in Civil Engineering, branch Structures - IST - 1982

Present Situation
• Full Professor since 2009
• Research center member since 1995; Head of the research center 2009-2012 (4 years)

Membership in International Scientific Commissions/Organizations
W80 (CIB) / 100-TSL (RILEM); W86 (CIB); W115 (CIB); IABSE, FIB, CIB, IABMAS and IRS

Supervision of Post-graduate Students
6 Post-doc researchers
34 PhD students
147 Masters students
35 Undergraduate students

Edition of International Journals
Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Building Engineering
Associate Editor of European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering Editorial Board Member of 13 journals
Referee in 116 international journals

2 books
20 book chapters (3 national and 17 international)
10 book editions
3 theses
2 patents
578 papers in journals (292 national and 286 international)
457 reports (181 of technical-scientific dissemination 276 of institutional consultancy)
458 congress papers (269 national and 189 international)
119 teaching texts 33 texts from post-graduation courses

Research Interest

Main scientific areas of research Sustainable construction (recycled aggregates in concrete and mortars),Bridge and building management systems,Buildings service life (prediction),Construction technology.

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