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John Zheng Wang

John Zheng Wang

John Zheng Wang, Ph.D, M.P.A, B.A
Professor of Forensic Science, School of Criminal Justice, Criminology and Emergency Management
California State University, Long Beach, USA


Dr. John Zheng Wang is a professor of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science in School of Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Emergency Management at California State University-Long Beach. He also serves as Director and an Instructor for Applied Forensic Science & Crime Analysis and High Tech Crime Investigation Certificate Programs at CSUL. In 1982, Dr. Wang started as a crime scene technician and later became an instructor and examiner at China Criminal Police University. In 1996~1999 Dr. Wang taught as an adjunct instructor for the Houston Police Academy. Since 2009 he is an expert instructor for California Police Command College (POST). He is a member of American Academy of Forensic Sciences, International Association for Identification and American Chemical Society. Since 2009, he has led a joint educational program annually on Comparative Forensic Sciences in the U.K. Dr. Wang serves a visiting professor for Southwest University Law School in China.

Research Interest

1) Gunshot Wound Ballistics
2) Determinations of manner, cause, mode, means and mechanism of death
3) Gunshot Residues and Gun Powder Residues on Skin and Clothing
4) Techniques of Lifting Fingerprints from the Diseased
5) N-DNA, Mt.-DNA, Familial DNA, and Y-Chromosome DNA
6) Digital measurement of fingerprints, firearms, and trace evidence at death scenes
7) Fly Life Cycle and Time of Death
8) Elemental Analysis of Substance via Portal FTIR
9) Digital Detection of Trace Evidence on the Skin
10) Virtual Autopsy

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