Irrigation & Drainage Systems Engineering

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Joachim Quast

Joachim Quast

Joachim Quast
University of Hamburg, Institute for Applied Marine, Limnic and Hydrological Studies , Germany


1968: Graduation (Dipl.-Ing.) from Faculty of Civil Engineering, TU Dresden specialisation in hydro engineering, water management and geohydraulics
1973: Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing.) in geohydraulics
1984: State Doctorate (Habilitation / Dr.-Ing. habil.) in water management
1975-1991: Director of Division for Irrigation and Drainage  in the Muencheberg-Research Centre for Soil Fertility
1992-2008: Head of the Institute of Landscape Hydrology at Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF),Muencheberg
Present Positions: Chairman  IAMARIS e.V. - Applied Water Research, Hamburg

Research Interest

Watershed modelling
Wetland hydrology
Groundwater processes 
Diffuse entries from agriculture
Waste water use in landscape
Flood control measures
Waters ecology
Integrated land and water resources management

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