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Janos Sebestyen Janosy

Janos Sebestyen Janosy

Janos Sebestyen Janosy
Centre for Energy Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary


Janos Sebestyen JANOSY is working for the Atomic Energy Research Institute which became part of the Centre for Energy Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 2012. He is a Senior Researcher since 1974, former Head of the Simulator Development Department 1994-2011, Senior Consultant to the Technical and Scientific Support Organization since 2012. He is registered by the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers as an Official Expert in thermohydraulics, machinery, instrumentation & control for nuclear power plants. He got his "Honorary Life Fellow" title from the United Kingdom Simulation Society (UKSim) in 2013.

J.S. Janosy has published over 70 scientific publications in international journals and conferences. His main scientific interests: modeling and simulation, real-time simulation and simulators, nuclear, fossil and renewable energy production, energy distribution, instrumentation and control, smart electrical grids and energy storage.

He participated, and later managed several industrial projects connected to the mentioned topics. He is married with two grown-up married daughters, having three grandchildren. He is a Ham Radio operator (radio amateur) since 1965, active on short-wave bands with call sign HA5GN. He is active in shooting sports.

Research Interest

His research area includes Numerical integration of stiff differential equation systems, Computerized process control systems - direct digital control of nuclear reactors, Process control - digital and analog, Modeling and simulation, Real-time simulation and Simulators, Nuclear, fossil and renewable energy production, Energy distribution, Instrumentation and Control, Smart grids and energy storage.

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