Cardiovascular Diseases & Diagnosis

ISSN: 2329-9517

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Jan Fedacko

Jan Fedacko

Jan Fedacko
1st Department of Internal Medicine
Pavol Jozef Safarik University, Centre of Excellency for Atherosclerosis Research, Louis Pasteur University Hospital, Slovakia


Jan Fedacko, MD, PhD, FICC, FICN is Assistant Professor at Department of Medicine and Centre of Excellency for Atherosclerosis Research at Louis Pasteur University Hospital and Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, Slovak Republic. After obtaining a diploma in General Medicine of Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, Slovak Republic (2005) the Ph.D. study (negative pleiotropic effect of the statins and possibilities of its treatment) was completed in year 2010. He is member of executive board of International College of Cardiology, member of International College of Clinical Nutrition, Slovak Association of Cardiology, Slovak Association of Atherosclerosis and member of Editorial Advisory Board of several journals. In the clinical and research area he is focused on preventive cardiology, prevention and treatment of the atherosclerosis deseases, as well as in cardiac imagineg techniques. He has published several papers in domestic and international journals, including several international lectures.

Research Interest

Preventive cardiology, Prevention and treatment of the atherosclerosis deseases Cardiac imaging techniques

Recommended Conferences

Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery 2020

New York, USA

Clinical Cardiology

San Francisco, USA


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