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Freddy Romero

Freddy Romero

Freddy Romero
Research Associate, Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care
Thomas Jefferson University, USA


Dr. Romero is a trained biochemist. He received his Ph.D. from Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research where he investigated the role of Hepatocyte growth factor in the pathogenesis of hypertension. Dr. Romero completed his post-doctoral training at Brigham and Women Hospital/Harvard Medical School in Boston before returning to Venezuela to run his own Laboratory. He was recently recruited back to the United States to Join the Center for translational Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University. He has authored over 18 publications in peer-reviewed journals. He also serves on the Editorial Board of Cardiovascular Continuum Journal.

Research Interest

My research is focus on understanding how defects in metabolic homeostasis in the ageing contribute to the development of fibrosis. The long-term goal of these studies is to elucidate the crosstalk between DNA repairs, chromatin remodeling and lipid metabolism pathways that can open new perspectives in the comprehension of the pathophysiology of fibrotic diseases.

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