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Francesco Gentile

Francesco Gentile

Francesco Gentile
Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural and Environmental Science
University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy


Francesco Gentile is Associate Professor of Hydraulic-forest watershed management. He also teaches Soil bioengineering techniques and Hydraulic management of the agro-forestry environment. His research interests have focused on hydraulic-forest watershed management, erosion modeling, soil bioengineering, suspended sediment transport. He has been President of the Bachelor Course “Forest and Environmental Science” and Coordinator of the PhD Course “Engineering of the Agricultural-Forest Environment” at Bari University. Recent projects concerned monitoring, modeling and sustainable management of erosive processes in agricultural, hilly and mountainous areas; green infrastructures; analysis of suspended sediment transport processes; soil bioengineering techniques for environmental restoration; watershed management with low environmental impact works.

Research Interest

Watershed management and torrent control, check dams design, distributed models for soil erosion estimation at watershed scale, analysis of suspended sediment transport processes, root contribution to slope stability.

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