Journal of Cytology & Histology

ISSN: 2157-7099

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Ferdinando Mannello

Ferdinando Mannello

Ferdinando Mannello
Professor, Department of Biomolecular Sciences
University of Urbino, Italy


He was born at Senigallia (AN, Italy) in 1958; he obtained a Bachelor in Sciences degree in 1977 from the High School “Corinaldesi” of Senigallia, and his Doctor of Biological Sciences degree cum Laude in 1982 from the University of Urbino (PU, Italy), with an experimental thesis entitled "Clinical biochemistry of human breast cyst fluids" performed in the labs of the Institute of Histology and Laboratory Analysis of the Faculty of Sciences. He worked as contract researcher in the same Institute and learned several biomedical technologies, in order to study structural and enzymatic proteins in breast cyst fluids needle-aspirated from healthy and diseased women affected by gross cystic breast disease. In his Ph.D. thesis he reported the characterization of several bio-molecular markers identifying women at higher breast cancer risk. Successively, he appointed as Researcher in the field of cellular and clinical biochemistry of breast secretions, characterizing both nipple aspirate and breast cyst fluids through biochemical and morphological approaches; he corroborated the potential clinical interest of breast secretion protein analyses and identified subsets of women at risk for subsequent breast cancer through the bio-molecular characterization of Type II NAFs.

Research Interest

Biomolecular mechanisms of stem cell proliferation.
Cell Biology and Clinical Biochemsitry of human breast cancer microenvironment. Matrix metalloproteinase and their inhibitor pathways during physio-pathologic processes: cyto-histochemistry and biomolecular approaches. Cell and molecular biology mesenchymal and neural stem cell differentiation.

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