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Farid Menaa

Farid Menaa

Farid Menaa
R&D Executive Director
Fluorotronics & Co
Lecturer and PI in Medicine  Sciences & Technology, USA


Dr. Farid Menaa (Bsc. Eng., Bsc. Bio., Msc. Genetics, Master Gerontology/Geriatry, PhD Radiation Oncology and Gerontology, three international post-doctoral terms, EMBA Entrepreneurship and MD candidate), is an experienced and skilled inter- and multi-disciplinary professional. Professor, Principal Investigator, Executive Director, Consultant, Advisor, Editor, Reviewer, Event Organizer and Entrepreneur, Dr. Menaa earned his degrees with high distinctions from prestigious universities and institutions.

After his distinguished doctoral these in gerontology/geriatry and oncology from Sorbonne/Jussieu University & Nuclear Energy Authority (Paris, France, 1998-2003), Dr. Menaa was selected as a NIH post-doctoral fellow in Oncology (San Diego, California, USA; 2004-2007). Then, he pursued his career in Dermatology, and Stem Cells as a DFG post-doctoral Fellow (Wuerzburg, Germany; 2007-2009). Subsequently, Dr. Menaa was promoted to Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice-President R&D at Fluorotronics, Inc. (CA, USA; 2009-2010), a nanotechnology and fluorine chemical company. Eventually, Dr. Menaa was appointed Principal Investigator in Hematology and Genomics as a FAPESP post-doctoral Fellow (São Paulo, Brazil; 2010-2012). He was recently selected for “Who´s is Who in the World”.

During his career, Dr. Menaa followed complementary formations (e.g. Medecine, Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Food Sciences and Technology, Marine Biology, Nanobiotechnology, Bio-Computation, Biostatistics, Business Development and Management, Marketing, Technological Innovation and Quality, communication/linguistics), worked and taught at various organizations (e.g. public, governmental and private).

Overall, the holistic concept of Dr. Menaa led him to actively contribute to various clinical and R&D projects related to medicine, sciences and technology (e.g. medicine/nanomedicine, pharmacy/cosmetology, pharmacology/toxicology, biology, stem cells/tissue engineering/regenerative medicine, genetics/genomics, fluorine chemistry/biochemistry/proteomics, biophysics/bio-photonics, food science/nutrition, biotechnology/nanobiotechnology, business management/development and marketing).

Dr. Menaa´s main current focuses are related to preventive, personalized, translational, integrative, green and nano-based medicine, especially in the areas of oncology, regenerative medicine and gerontology, in order to prevent, implement early diagnosis, and develop efficient and safer therapeutic options.

Dr. Menaa is also experienced with teaching, supervision, edition, leadership, coaching, consulting, event organizations, scientific & medical collaborations in several countries and languages. Dr. Menaa is, among others, the leading organizer of the “Target Meeting´s 1st World Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology Online Conference” (; 2013), co-organizer of two “Nanomaterials Conference” (Beijing, China; 2013, Shenzhen, China; 2014), member of the technical committee of the “3rd ScienceOne Conference on Drug Discovery and Development” (Dubai, UAE; 2014). Dr. Menaa is a member of several prestigious organizations (i.e. medical and scientific societies including AACR, ASCB, IRSCC, SPIE, RSC, ACS, ASH, ASHG, AAPS). Dr. Menaa is further the editor, guest editor and reviewer of a large number of esteemed journals worldwide (>50). Among few of them, he acts as reviewer for Current Medicinal Chemistry, International Journal of Nanomedicine, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Current Organic Chemistry (for which is also the lead guest editor of a special issue on Dr. Farid MENAA (2013) 2 fluorine chemistry), Journal of American Society of Human Genetics, Journal of American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists. Besides, he sits on the editorial boards of Current Drug Therapy (for which is also the lead guest editor of a special issue on nano-pharmaceuticals), Journal of Nanomaterials & Molecular Nanotechnology (for which he is also a guest editor of a special issue on graphene), Journal of Regenerative Medicine, Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology, Journal of Nanomedicine and Biotherapeutics Discovery, Journal of Business & Financial Affairs, Journal of Economics and International Business Management. As guest editor, Dr. Menaa also held a special issue in Hematology and Stem Cells for Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology.

Dr. Menaa is regularly invited as (co-)chairman and/or keynote/featured/renown speaker to reputed world congresses and institutions (> 100), where he is offering speeches in various areas of medicine, sciences and technology.

Dr. Menaa has authored more than 100 publications (including peer-reviewed ISI research and review articles, books, textbooks, book chapters, conference proceedings, patents), and is the recipient of several awards.

During his spare time, Dr. Menaa enjoys family, arts, sports and travelling.

Research Interest

Oncology, Gerontology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Pharmacy and Nanomedicine

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