Irrigation & Drainage Systems Engineering

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Du Taisheng

Du Taisheng

Du Taisheng
China Agricultural University, Centre for Agricultural Water Research in China, P.R. China


Du Taisheng is working as Professor in China Agricultural University. He received his PhD in China Agricultural University in 2006 and MSc from Northwest A&F University. He is successfully giving his responsibilities as, Board Member of Soil and Water Engineering, International commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering and as an Associate dean in Diversion of Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering, Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering; Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society; Chinese Society of Water Resources Engineering Economics.

Research Interest

Plant and water relationship and crop water sustainable production

Effect of water stress on crops and crop water Production function

Alternative partial root-zone irrigation and regulated deficit irrigation

Crop evapotranspiration and water cycle in arid areas

Water transport in soil-plant-atmosphere continuum (SPAC) and its regulation mechanism

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