Journal of Brain Research

ISSN: 2684-4583

Open Access

Dr. Takashi Kikuchi

Dr. Takashi Kikuchi

Dr. Takashi Kikuchi
Senior Researcher, Dept. of Medical Statistics, Institute of Health Data Science, Translational Research Center for Medical Innovation
Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation at Kobe, Japan


Takashi Kikuchi is a unique medical scientist because has two doctoral degrees in medical science (Nagoya University, Japan) and statistics (University of Oxford, UK).

After he obtained the first doctoral degree, he continued basic research on P53 oncogene for several years in a company. During the duties, he recognized the importance of statistics and resigned the company to study statistics in Australia (University of Newcastle) and UK (University of Oxford).

After he returned to Japan, as an expert statistician, he joined Translational Research Center for Medical Innovation, Kobe, Japan and take important roles in clinical trials on study design, statistical analysis, and reporting. He is interested in developing a new methodology to measure the severity of Alzheimer’s disease and discovered a novel assessment algorithm, three-dimensional distance (TDD) for ABC dementia scale. He is a Bayesian statistician.

Research Interest

Bayesian statistics and the development of novel methodologies for the assessment of Alzheimer’s disease


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