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Neuromuscular Disorder

Neuromuscular disorders affect the nervous system that controls the voluntary muscles. Neuromuscular disorders are characterized by progressive muscle weakness affected by peripheral nervous system comprising of motor and sensory nerves which connect brain and spinal cord to rest of the body. Most of the neuromuscular diseases are genetic. Few of the neuromuscular diseases include

• Multiple sclerosis – Multiple sclerosis occurs when the myelin sheath is damaged which protects the nerve cells resulting in blockage of transmission of neuronal messages from between brain and body. Multiple sclerosis affects brain and spinal cord. Symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis include muscle weakness, numbness, twitches, visual disturbances, cognitive problems.

• Amylotrophic lateral sclerosis is a nervous system disorder that attacks the nerve cells of Brain and Spinal cord inhibiting the transmission of neuronal messages to voluntary muscles. Patients affected with amylotrophic lateral sclerosis have speech problems, trouble in walking and writing. For most of the affected patients death is caused due to respiratory failure.

• Spinal muscular atrophy is a nervous system disorder that attacks the nerve cells of spinal cord. Due to neuronal death, control over the voluntary muscles is lost and muscles begin to weaken affecting walking, swallowing, head and neck control.

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