Cardiovascular Diseases & Diagnosis

ISSN: 2329-9517

Open Access

Donna Wang

Donna Wang

Donna Wang
Professor, Department of Medicine
Michigan State University, USA


Dr. Donna Wang is a Professor in the Department of Medicine, Neuroscience Program, and Cell & Molecular Biology Program at Michigan State University. She also serves as the Director of Investigational Medicine and the Vice Chair for Basic Research for the Department of Medicine. She completed her medical degree at Sun Yat-Sen University School of Medical Sciences (1984) and was a postdoctoral fellow in Physiology at Eastern Virginia Medical School (1987-1990). Dr. Wangs research interests lie in cardiovascular pharmacology and physiology, hypertension, salt sensitivity, and hormonal and neuronal control of blood pressure. Her project in the CNBI focuses on defining the role of biomimetic interfaces in medical research. Specifically, she will use the biosensor or biosensor array that contains embedded membrane proteins for characterizing the function of these proteins, for screening novel exogenous or endogenous agonists or antagonists, and for continuous, real time, and in-situ measurement of local tissue concentrations of neuropeptides and hormones. It is anticipated that the data generated from these studies will provide the molecular basis for our understanding of the pathogenesis of human essential hypertension and for the development of antihypertensive regimens.

Research Interest

Cardiovascular medicine; Neurobiological Science; Nanotechnology and Drug discovery.


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