Molecular Biomarkers & Diagnosis

ISSN: 2155-9929

Open Access

Ding He

Ding He

Ding He
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Florida International University, USA


Dr. Ding He completed his Ph.d from Florida international university in chemistry. He serves as reviwer for African Journal of Biotechnology and African Journal of Biochemistry Research

Research Interest

1. Biomarker discovery from organisms and outer environment using multiple analytical techniques such as GC-MS, GCXGC-TOF-MS
2. Application of traditional biomarkers for different organic matter source track
3. Compound specific carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen isotope analysis for specific biomarker using GC-P-ir-MS to track specific source
4. Molecular biology and Transcriptional Regulation
5. Bioinformatics (Large-scale Sequence Analysis, new 454 sequencing).

Recommended Conferences

World Biotechlogy Congress 2020

Barcelona, Spain


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