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David William Boulton

David William Boulton

David William Boulton
Group Director
Clinical & Translational Research, Bristol-Myers Squibb & Company, New Jersey, USA


David William Boulton was Undergraduate Pharmacy Student in School of Medicine, University of Otago from Mar 1988 - Nov 1991,Intern Pharmacist in Shirley Pharmacy Limited, Christchurch, NZ from Nov 1991 - Dec 1992 , Research Assistant for “Literature evaluation and experimental assessment of an HPLC assay for levothyroxine and its breakdown products in tablets” supervised by J Paul Fawcett, PhD from Dec 1992 - Feb 1993, Teaching Assistant and Graduate Student in University of Otago from Mar 1993 - Sep 1996, Poisons and Hazardous Chemicals Information Officer from Mar 1993 - Feb 1997, Clinical Trials Research Assistant at at Zentech Inc, Dunedin, New Zealand from Apr 1996 - Feb 1997, Postdoctoral Fellow in Medical University of South Carolina from Mar 1997 - Feb 1998, Postdoctoral Fellow in Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC from Feb 1998 – Jan 2001, Research Investigator II and Senior Research Investigator in BMS from Feb 2001 – may 2005, Associate Director,. Clinical Pharmacologist, CV/Met, Clinical Discovery, BMS from May 2005 - Aug 2008, Director of BMS from Aug 2008 - Aug 2013, Group Director of Bristol-Myers Squibb & Company (BMS) from Aug 2013 - present.

Research Interest

Clinical Pharmacology/Pharmacokinetics, Cardiovascular Disease, Neuroscience, pre-Phase 2b diabetes, Pharmacometricians.


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