Journal of Health & Medical Informatics

ISSN: 2157-7420

Open Access

David Randall

David Randall

David Randall, Ph.D
Executive Director
American Research and Policy Institute, Washington, DC 20036, USA


David Randall, Ph.D. currently serves as Executive Director of the Consumer Driven Health Care Institute based in Washington, DC. ( and is Resident Scholar with the American Research and Policy Institute in Washington. Dr. Randall has testified before both U.S. House and Senate committees of Congress on a variety of health policy issues and has extensive experience as a former top insurance regulator, legislative staff member, health care lobbyist, consultant and executive with not only insurance companies, but also with several provider trade groups in Washington. He has over two dozen peer-reviewed and professional publications as well as book chapters on health care entitlements and the policy process surrounding health care reform. His research includes study of Medicaid entitlements and privatization, Health Insurance Exchanges and health care information technology. He received his Ph.D. in Political Science (Policy Analysis and Administration) from Kent State University.

Research Interest

Health Insurance Exchanges and health care information technology.


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