Journal of Clinical & Medical Genomics

ISSN: 2472-128X

Open Access

Cristin Print

Cristin Print

Cristin Print
Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Medicine & Pathology
University of Auckland, New Zealand


Dr. Print graduated in Medicine from Auckland Medical School in 1989. He worked as a house surgeon and undertook asthma research for a year in Dunedin before completing a PhD focused on T lymphocyte integrins in the Department for Molecular Medicine at Auckland University. He studied leukocyte and germ cell apoptosis at the Walter and Elisa Hall Institute in Melbourne, Australia, before moving to Cambridge University, UK, where he was a fellow of St Edmund’s College and worked on endothelial cell and neutrophil apoptosis. He has undertaken several commercial translational research collaborations  and is co-founder of Japanese biotechnology company Gene Networks International (GNI) ltd, which is now listed on the TokyoStock Exchange. In late 2005 he returned to the University of Auckland where he is using bioinformatics to better understand and use pathological information, with special focus on cancer, endothelial and reproductive biology.Cris is currently joint Director of the New Zealand Bioinformatics Institute and Chair of the New Zealand Genomics Limited Project Advisory Group.

Research Interest

Depatment of Molecular medicine,Bioinformatics.


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