Bioceramics Development and Applications

ISSN: 2090-5025

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Besim Ben-Nissan

Besim Ben-Nissan

Besim Ben-Nissan
University of Technology Sydney, Australia


Dr. Besim Ben-Nissan completed completed his Ph.D in Ceramic Engineering from University of New South Wales in 1988. At present, he is Professor at University of Technology, Syndney. He has worked on the production and analysis of various advanced ceramics (alumina, zirconia, silicon nitrides), sol-gel derived thin films for corrosion and abrasion protection and biocompatibility, as well as optical and electronic ceramics. He is the member of The Institution of Engineers, Australia (1990-), The Australian Society for Biomaterials (1990-), Society for Biomaterials (1989-1995), The American Ceramic Society (1978-), The Australasian Ceramic Society (1977-), American Society for the Advancement of Science (1998-) and International Society for Ceramics In Medicine (1998-).

Research Interest

Zirconia and hydroxyapatite ceramics, transformations and measurement of micro-mechanical stresses in bioceramics

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