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Basma El Zein

Basma El Zein

Basma El Zein
Assistant Professor
Dar Al Hekma University, Saudi Arabia


Basma El Zein, PhD. Is a consultant, an assistant professor at Dar Al HekmaUniversity, Jeddah Saudi Arabia, and an associate researcher at the InstitutD\\\\Electronique,MicroelectroniqueetNanotechnologie (IEMN) France. Dr. El Zein, attended the faculty of engineering in 1994 at the Lebanese University and graduated with a master degree in engineering (Electrical & Electronics Engineering). She got her PhD in 2012 from the University of Lille 1–France in Micro and Nanotechnology. Her recent research interests include working on nanostructures (Nanowires and Quantum dots) for third generation solar cells, energyharvesting and energy storage, where she filed one patent. She is a senior IEEE member since 2008, reviewer in IEEE transaction on Nanotechnology journal, the chair or co-chair and on the committee of many international conferences and has long experience in curriculum review and development , she has a diversified knowledge in various scientific streams, coupled with 14 years of experience of lecturing, Project management and research (some of her previous research include : Telecommunication, Artificial Intelligence, industrial engineering and Computer Vision). She also supervised around 194 theses (bachelor degree).

Research Interest

Working on nanostructures (Nanowires and Quantum dots) for third generation solar cells, energy harvesting and energy storage.

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