Irrigation & Drainage Systems Engineering

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Ayman Batisha

Ayman Batisha

Ayman Batisha
Heidelberg University, Environment and Climate Research Institute, National Water Research Center, Egypt


Ayman Batisha holds a PhD degree in Civil Engineering from Cairo University (Egypt, 2001). He has been practicing, consulting, training, and researching in Sustainability for over twenty-four years. He taught graduate courses at Cairo University. He is a certified consultant civil engineer. He has published more than 80 research papers and articles focusing on the areas of Sustainability, Environment, Water Knowledge and Civil Engineering. He is the founding Editor-in-Chief of Practice, Progress, and Proficiency in Sustainability Book Series. He is the founding General Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Sustainability. He has been awarded as the prestigious Author and the Editor-in-Chief, from USA publishers. He has been honored with the first prize for the best research by League of Arab States. He is a five-time winner of the Certificate of Appreciation; three-times from Ministers of Water Resources, Environment, and Public Works, and two-times from Cairo University, Egypt. He has been the Chairman of the First European Conference of Mining Engineering. He has been in the Editorial Advisory Board of numerous prestigious international journals such as Business, Peace and Sustainable Development, Advances in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Limnological Review, and also in the editorial board of a number of international journals. He has served as an International Committee Member for numerous International Conferences

Research Interest

Hydraulics [Rivers, Lakes and Coastal Studies and water structures].

Sustainable Water Management [Water Resources and Management, Irrigation, Channel Maintenance and Drainage].

Hydrology [Non-Conventional Water Resources, flash floods, evaporation, Groundwater].

Water Quality and Utility [water and sanitation services, urban water utilities, and desalination and wastewater treatment plants]

Water Politics [international water law, geopolitics, governance, Diplomacy].

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