Journal of Biodiversity & Endangered Species

ISSN: 2332-2543

Open Access

Arshad Ali

Arshad Ali

Arshad Ali
East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

Research Interest

My research interest mainly focuses on biodiversity- ecosystem functioning particularly aboveground biomass (AGB) or carbon (C) storage in forest ecosystems. I am also interested in the studies regarding plant functional traits and community assembly. Being as a young researcher, I am highly motivated to work in any projects focusing on forest ecological research. Specifically, I am highly interested in: 1. Development of allometric equations for estimation of AGB in forests 2. Functional traits diversity, composition, species-stand structure, and AGB 3. Forest diversity and ecosystem productivity 4. Community assembly and functional traits 5. Biodiversity research in Agroforestry Systems 6. Impact of climate change scenarios on biodiversity and ecosystem functions


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