Journal of Lung Diseases & Treatment

ISSN: 2472-1018

Open Access

Alvaro Ruibal

Alvaro Ruibal

Alvaro Ruibal
University of Santiago de Compostela Hospital, Santiago de Compostela, Professor of Radiology and Medical Phyisics Chief of Nuclear Medicine Service, Spain


Alvaro Ruibal was born in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and his Academic Formation includes studies of Medicine (Faculty of Medicine. University of Barcelona. Spain) and Doctoral Thesis (PhD) (Autonomous Medicine Faculty. Barcelona).
He has the Specialities of Endocrinology, Nuclear Medicine, and Senology/Breast Diseases.
At present he is Full Professor of Radiology and Medical Physics and Head of Nuclear Medicine Department at University Hospital from Santiago de Compostela (USC).
He also is the Chairman of Molecular Imaging and Medical Physics Research Group at USC, which includes a microSPECT, a microPET/CT, a dedicated breast PET and a Cyclotron-Unit next the Service

Research Interest

Tumor markers
Molecular imaging
Multimodal imaging
Breast cancer biology
Lung cancer biology


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