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Abdenacer Makhlouf

Abdenacer Makhlouf

Abdenacer Makhlouf
Associate Professor
University of Haute Alsace, France


Abdenacer Makhlouf  obtained his PhD in Mathematics in 1990  from University of Haute Alsace (Mulhouse, France)   where he is  currently working as  Associate Professor.

His research is on the structure, representations, deformations and cohomology of various types of algebras, including associative algebra, nonassociative algebras, Hopf algebras and n-ary algebras. He is acting as editor Journal of Generalized Lie theory and application and in the advisory board of Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics network. He held positions as visiting Professor in  several universities (South Florida, Lund and  Almeria). He wrote more than 70 papers and edited  7 proceedings  and special issues. He supervised 11 PhD thesis and organized several international conferences.

Research Interest

Non associative algebras, Hopf algebras, n-ary algebras, Deformations, Representations, Homological algebras

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