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Volume 7, Issue 4 (2020)

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    3D Printing Past conference Report

    Dr. Pierre A. Morgon

    In 2019 we had successfully conducted 2nd Annual Conference on 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing in Dubai, UAE during May 22-23, 2019 with 7 Organizing Committee Members and 9 Renowned Speakers. Our key note speakers were Pirkko-Liisa Tarvonen from Finland, Morgan Eldred from UAE, Sofiane Guessame from France.

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    Editorial note on vaccines & Emerging Diseases

    Dimitrios Chronopouloss

    During the past decade several notable viruses came to become consequential global health threats, causing annoyance concern regarding sustained epidemic transmission in immunologically naive human populations. Whenever new virus comes to rasie the the call for rapid vaccine development. Vaccines are considered as a critical component of disease anticipation for emerging viral infections, other medical options are limited, therapeutics is limited. Our approaches to vaccine research are still amenable to emerging viruses. In virology the application of molecular techniques is influenced in biology, and vaccination methods. More than one billion cases of human zoonotic disease are occur annually resulting in enormous economic losses.

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    Laxman Pillalamarri

    Medical imaging is that the strategy and handle of creating visual representations of the insides of a body for clinical examination and restorative mediation, also as visual representation of the work of a couple of organs or tissues (physiology). Therapeutic imaging looks for to uncover inside structures covered up by the skin and bones, also on analyze and treat malady. Therapeutic imaging too sets up a database of ordinary life systems and physiology to make it conceivable to differentiate variations from the norm. In spite of the very fact that imaging of expelled organs and tissues are often performed for therapeutic reasons, such strategies are usually considered portion of pathology instead of therapeutic imaging. As a teach and in its largest sense, it's portion of natural imaging and joins radiology, which employments the imaging advances of X-ray radiography, attractive reverberation imaging, ultrasound, endoscopy, elastography, material imaging, thermography, restorative photography, and atomic pharmaceutical useful imaging procedures

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    World Biotechlogy Congress 2020

    Everaldo Silvino dos Santos

    Hilaris Conferences is going to host its premier World Biotechnology Congress 2020 during November 18-19, 2020, Barcelona, Spain. Biotechnology Congress aims to create a bridge between academia and industry by providing vast learning opportunities in multidisciplinary sectors and applied fields of Biotechnology. Hilaris Conferences along with its Biotechnology Congress 2020, will gather all the stakeholders of the emerging Biotechnology sector and will offer the best platform to exchange knowledge and network. Hilaris Conferences welcomes you to be a part of this Biotechnology 2020 World Congress which will offer you an unforgettable experience

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    6th International Conference on Food Science and Food Safety

    Harkrishna Das

    Food Science refers to basic applied science of food , its scope starts with science of agricultural and nutrition and leads through the aspects of food safety and food processing, informing the development of food technology. The world’s population has been increasing at a faster rate and approximately it reaches to 9.6 billion by 2050. The food production should also be increased by 70% by 2050 to feed the increasing population, hence there is need for advanced technologies in the Food Science industry. Without implementing modern agricultural techniques in farming, current population levels could not meet sustained food and projected near-term population growth would create problems that would destabilize the current social and political order of globe.  Even with the increases in agricultural productivity, however, New challenges for the Food Science  industry to supply of food to the growing global economy with sufficient supplies of agricultural staples are greater now while comparing to before. A new revolution similar to the one that took place during the period of the 20th century is taking place all over the world to meet the expected demand by the growing   population in the world and it also increased standard of living.

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