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James Lee

Department of Economics, Saint Louis University, Missouri, USA

  • Review   
    A Review on Patient Quality of Life Assessment During Fractures
    Author(s): James Lee*

    Based on the analysis of objective and subjective parameters as well as the influence of the fractured side on the final results, the purpose of this study was to assess patients' quality of life after treatment for a distal radius fracture (at least six months but no more than ten years after the treatment).Thirty women, all of whom claimed to be right-handed and were divided according to the side of the fracture (left limb or right limb), were included in the study sample. A goniometer was used to check for active wrist movement, elbow joint pronation, and supination. In addition, a dynamometer made by Biometrics Ltd. was used to measure the upper limb's global grip strength. After that, patients were given the PRWE wrist evaluation questionnaire and the Polish version of the SF-36 questionnaire that measured quality of life... Read More»
    DOI: 10.37421/2472-1042.2022.7.160

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