Journal of Metabolic Syndrome

ISSN: 2167-0943

Open Access

Jake Van Wyk

Human Bioenergetics and Applied Health Science, Bethel University, Minnesota, United States

  • Review Article   
    COVID-19 World Tour: Glucose fan-support
    Author(s): Jake Van Wyk, Nick Banfield and Kelly Gibas*

    In this unprecedented period of quarantine, countless questions are purported about COVID-19. While the scientific community searches for answers, the rest of the world is desperately waiting for evidence-based methods of prevention. Yet, one method has been known in virology for decades; viral replication depends on a glucose environment in the host. In fact, pre-existing metabolic dysregulation cripples the immune system and increases susceptibility to pathogens. According to figures by the US Department of Health (30 March, 2020), diabetes, pre-diabetes, kidney disease and obesity mark the most dangerous comorbidities in COVID-19 deaths. Patients with chronic metabolic comorbidities including strokes, CHD/CVD, unregulated diabetes and hypertension comprise 95% of New York and 99% of Italy’s COVID-19 deaths Older adults and those with serious underlying medical .. Read More»

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