Virology: Current Research

Open Access

Edward J Steele

National Institute of Fundamental Studies, Kandy, Sri Lanka

  • Review   
    Comments on the Origin and Spread of the 2019 Coronavirus
    Author(s): N Chandra Wickramasinghe*, Edward J Steele, Reginald M Gorczynski, Robert Temple, Gensuke Tokoro, Jiangwen Qu, Daryl H Wallis and Brig Klyce

    We propose that the new coronavirus which first appeared in the Hubei province of China was probably linked to the arrival of a pure culture of the virus contained in cometary debris that was dispersed over a localised area of the planet namely China. The sighting of a fireball some 2000 kilometers north of Wuhan on 11 October 2019 followed shortly after with the first recorded cases in Hubei is suggestive of a causal link. Gene sequencing data of the virus that show little or no genetic variations between isolates, combined with available epidemiological data point to the predominance of a transmission process directly from an “infected” environment, with personto- person transmission playing a comparatively weaker secondary role. The facts relating to this epidemic are discussed and placed in the context of other pandemics that have been recorded thro.. Read More»

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