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Vehbi Duraku


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    Endangering Residents in Shipitull Village by Landslide at the Surface Mining in South West Sibovc
    Author(s): Hysen Ahmeti and Vehbi DurakuHysen Ahmeti and Vehbi Duraku

    Facing the problem of the expropriation of the Shipitull village and the non-advancement of mining activity in the direction of the frontal work for the removal of the clay overburden for the use of coal, geo-mechanical drilling was performed to determine the most accurate physical-mechanical parameters to calculate the height of the partial and generals slopes with the safety factor Fs> 1.2, to create optimum conditions for the use of the detected coal reserves of 15 million tons of coal with the general 18° degree angle with safety factors Fs ≥ 1.27 according to the geotechnical standards. As the basis for calculating the slopes were taken physical-mechanical drilling parameters that were realized in 2015-2017, the tests were performed in the geotechnical laboratory at the INKOS Institute which is licensed to ISO 9001/2015 according to geotechnical standards. Based on the obt.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-784X.1000315

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