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Tesema G

Kesem Research and Development Centre,

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    Devised Mathematical Technique for Flexible Gated Pipe Alignment in the Case of Furrow Irrigation in Ethiopia
    Author(s): Tesema GTesema G

    This study was aimed at analytically examine the convectional layout of Felix Gated Pipe in irrigation field and come up with new approach that enhance approach to optimize economical affordability and durability. With conventional method Flexi Gated Pipe was installed in field stay in the field until harvesting time. Flexi Gated Pipe can irrigate left and right in the in the reach of 100 m, therefore if Flexi Gated Pipe 100 m length was considered in conventional method it irrigate only 2 ha through the crop growing season. With new practice that was introduced, the same 100 m long flexi-gated pipe can irrigate at least 20 ha in 10 days (including five days of idle time) by implement aided rotation within the estate. Metehara sugar Estate in Ethiopia which is about ten thousand hectares, 50000 meters of Flexi Gated Pipe will be required 35,000,000 ETB. A total of 10,500,000 ETB can b.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9768.1000210

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