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Seiya Liu


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    A Compliance Evaluation of a Wearable Technology for Posture Ergonomics
    Author(s): Earl Brien, Mika Liu, Irene Toh, Seiya Liu and David MatsumuraEarl Brien, Mika Liu, Irene Toh, Seiya Liu and David Matsumura

    Objectives: The prevalence of back and neck complaints resulting from poor posture is high, and the rate of posture related back pain and healthcare costs have been increasing rapidly with the widespread use of smartphones, computers, and work-related risks. Compliance with traditional back braces and other solutions for treating this pain is low, which affects patients’ ability to perform and recover. The objective of the current study is to determine subjective compliance of an innovative posture wearable technology. Methods: 128 Volunteers underwent subjective evaluation after wearing the FDA registered IFGfit wearable technology. After trying on the apparel, they were asked to complete a subjective questionnaire, which included questions on demographic information, back or neck complaints prior to wearing the garment, history of phys.. Read More»

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