Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review

ISSN: 2223-5833

Open Access

Sanjana Mondal

Calcutta Business School,
West Bengal

  • Research Article
    West Bengal -A Tourist Destination Comparative Analysis of Bengal Tourism Business Model with Kerala & Gujarat
    Author(s): Sanjana MondalSanjana Mondal

    West Bengal is a unique state of India that is gifted with all tourism ingredients to address the need of all type of tourists. With the Himalayan range on the north to Bay of Bengal in the south, lush green forest and wide range of historic evidence & Pilgrim destinations; West Bengal has varied option of tourism products to offer to its tourists. But in the context of tourism market Bengal is still a backbencher as compared to the other Indian states that have marched way ahead of Bengal. Tourism being one of the major contributing industries, its sustainable development is extremely important for an economy to capitalize. This paper is a study report on Bengal’s marketing mix inadequacies and finding and mixing consistent attributes to identify West Bengal as a preferred destination and distinguish it through positive image building, i.e., how tourists perceive West Benga.. Read More»

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