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Roger Painter

Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Nashville, TN 37209

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    Robust Statistical Analysis for MSW Characterization Studies
    Author(s): Roger Painter, Valetta Watson and Ahmad KhederRoger Painter, Valetta Watson and Ahmad Kheder

    Tennessee State University conducted a pilot municipal solid waste study for Tennessee Department of Environment at two Tennessee municipal solid waste disposal facilities. A major goal for the pilot study was to develop and demonstrate statistical analysis methodologies to be used in a future statewide municipal solid waste study. In municipal solid waste studies the costs of sorting and weighing a sufficient number of samples to obtain reasonably precise estimates is prohibitive for some waste constituents. This issue regarding the number of municipal solid waste samples was addressed using a real-time iterative analysis that involved simultaneous tracking of the mean, trimmed mean, and median of the sample populations. Sampling was terminated for a particular waste category based on observation of dimensioning incremental improvement in 90 percent confidence intervals for the mean .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-784X.1000102

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