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Rakesh Kumar D

Lucknow, U.P

  • Review Article
    Self-Compacted Concrete Mix Design and its Comparison with Conventional Concrete (M-40)
    Author(s): Rakesh Kumar DRakesh Kumar D

    The self-compacted concrete is an innovative product in civil engineering field of India. The necessity of this product was felt by civil engineers to overcome in the issue of workmanship, in structural concreting of thickly/heavily re-in forced sections in execution of concreting. This product was first developed in Japan in 1997 and followed by Europe and U.S.A. Substantial research was carried out with regard to the properties of SCC Because of the well-controlled conditions; the introduction of SCC in the precast concrete industry was successful. With regard to the application in situ, the development is slower, because of the sensitivity of the product. In this paper the mechanical properties of SCC in comparison to conventional concrete are discussed. Examples of applications are shown, both for prefabricated concrete elements and in- situ structures. In this study the area has .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-784X.1000176

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