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    Understanding Homosexuality: Challenges and Limitations
    Author(s): Acharya Y, Raghavendra MV, Acharya B, Priyanka RNK and Raj BVAcharya Y, Raghavendra MV, Acharya B, Priyanka RNK and Raj BV

    Homosexuality has its roots with the evolution of mankind. There are different theories behind same sex behaviour among which H-Y antigens and fraternal birth order defect with same sex play in male gives a promising understanding of homosexuality. These sexual minorities have higher chances of practising high-risk behaviour and psychosocial implications with concurrent complications. Sexual minorities face multiple challenges in the society largely due to its perceived social stigmata. Health education and awareness targeted to individuals and society as a whole; is one of the best approaches to minimize these implications and improve the health status of sexual minorities... Read More»

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