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Peter Hansen

 Union Biometrica Technologies, Inc., Canaan, USA


 Dr. Hansen’s scientific career has been centered on using mathematical physics within complex biological problems to produce practical results. Fifty years ago, his Harvard undergraduate advisor and later Nobel Laureate in physics, Roy Glauber, suggested that his interdisciplinary interests might be best applied to solving problems in the life sciences. He took that advice and found a fledgling program at Northeastern University in Boston where he could take graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering while solving life science problems. For his Masters Degree in the mid-1960’s Peter developed experimental animal models and mathematical models for laser retinal surgery that combined comparative anatomy, engineering heat transfer and protein denaturation kinetics. His Doctoral dissertation in the late 1960’s introduced him to a lifelong respect for the art of collaboration. For that work he showed experimentally that connective tissue could generate coherent optical second harmonic generation (coherent twophoton) and constructed a mathematical model for the process. Without collaborations with George Benedek at MIT Materials Science, Samuel Fine at MGH Dermatology, and Theodore Maiman, at Korad Corporation the inventor of the laser who built a custom system for Peter’s work, none of this would have been possible.

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