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Patricio Oyarce


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    New Approaches to Agricultural Land Drainage: A Review
    Author(s): Luis Gurovich and Patricio OyarceLuis Gurovich and Patricio Oyarce

    A review on agricultural effects of restricted soil drainage conditions is presented, related to soil physical, chemical and biological properties, soil water availability to crops and its effects on crop development and yield, soil salinization hazards, and the differences on drainage design main objectives in soils under tropical and semi-arid water regime conditions. The extent and relative importance of restricted drainage conditions in Agriculture, due to poor irrigation management is discussed, and comprehensive studies for efficient drainage design and operation required are outlined, as related to data gathering, revision and analysis about geology, soil science, topography, wells, underground water dynamics under field conditions, the amount, intensity and frequency of precipitations, superficial flow over the area to be drained, climatic characteristics, irrigation managemen.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9768.1000135

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