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    Irrigations Impact on Economic Growth in Alberta, Canada
    Author(s): Kulshreshtha S, Paterson B, Hart D and Nicol LKulshreshtha S, Paterson B, Hart D and Nicol L

    Irrigation development in semi-arid regions provides benefits for producers as well as many others who reside in the region. Although a common perception exists that irrigation benefits only irrigation producers, a study carried out by Paterson Earth and Water Consulting Ltd showed that irrigation positively impacts many more sectors of the Alberta economy than just irrigation producers. Compared to dry land (rain fed) agriculture, irrigation creates increased employment and economic activity through the purchase of additional farm inputs as well as processing of agricultural products. Multi-use water storage reservoirs, which support irrigation agriculture, provide societal benefits through recreation, hydropower generation, and water supply for habitat development, communities and industries. This study estimated that Alberta’s irrigation industry, which represents less than 5.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2168-9768.1000156

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