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Miguel Poch E


  • Case Report
    First Crio-extraction of Cherry Pit after Aspiration
    Author(s): Gómez López A, García Luján R, Valipour A and Miguel Poch EGómez López A, García Luján R, Valipour A and Miguel Poch E

    Introduction: Vegetable foreign bodies (FB) are most commonly aspirated in children, these are very dangerous as most of them are hygroscopic, they swell up within a few days causing blockage of the lumen of the bronchus and retention of secretion distal to it. Method: We report on a 75 yr old patient who aspirated a cherry pit one month prior to clinical presentation. He originally presented with cough and a right lower lobe infiltrate on x-ray. The patient underwent therapeutic videobronchoscopy via the oral route, a cherry pit was detected at the distal end of the bronchus intermedius with signs of local inflammation. Result: We used saline rising and a flexible cryoprobe and it was activated for 15 s which resulted into a solid contact with the FB and immediate removal without complications. Conclusion: We hav.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2472-1018.1000106

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