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Luke Szałata


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    The Reality of Life During Floods
    Author(s): Luke Kuźmiński, Luke Szałata and Jerzy ZwoździakLuke Kuźmiński, Luke Szałata and Jerzy Zwoździak

    The aim of the article is to assess the variability of the risk of flood risk with the use of distributions maximum values. The copyright research is hydrological data in the form of daily water levels from the period 1981-2011. The collected data are derived from the hydrological station Bystrzyca Klodzka for the Nysa Klodzka river and the hydrological station Lesna for the Kwisa river. For the purpose of estimating flood risk from the collected data has been selected quarterly maxima of daily water levels. As a measure of the flood risk authors accepted the likelihood of exceeding the alarm condition in the test sections of the rivers. This risk is calculated by using the theoretical cumulative distribution distribution of quarterly highs water levels. The study was used Gumbel distribution. At the same time the article was paid significant attention to the possibility of using the .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-784X.1000249

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