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Loghmani F

Faculty of Natural Resources,
West Indies

  • Research Article
    Evaluation of Indoor Air Pollution in Urban Homes: A Case Study from Isfahan, Iran
    Author(s): Loghmani F, Jones C and Hertel OLoghmani F, Jones C and Hertel O

    Burning fossil fuels has a significant effect on indoor air quality. In this study, the concentration of SO2, NOx, NO2, NO, CO was measured in five houses at Isfahan focusing attention on kitchens as a source of indoor pollutants. Selected houses differed in terms of kitchen type and finish, presence or absence of a range hood, and type of stove heating. Samplings were done over three days at a fixed time window for each location. Results showed that in closed kitchens without a range hood, the 1-h concentration of pollutants was higher compared to kitchens having open and semi-open range hoods. Minimum pollutant levels were seen for kitchens using an electric stove with a range hood... Read More»

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