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Lindsey S. Treviño


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    Estrogen Receptor Subtype Expression is Altered in the Hen Model of Ovarian Cancer
    Author(s): Lindsey S. Treviño and Patricia A. JohnsonLindsey S. Treviño and Patricia A. Johnson

    There is growing evidence that estrogens may promote tumor progression, including ovarian tumors. Estrogens exert their actions in tissues through two different receptor subtypes (ESR1 and ESR2). Studies have shown that hens develop ovarian cancer spontaneously, therefore providing a suitable animal model for the disease. Our aim was to determine the expression of mRNA and protein of the estrogen receptor subtypes in ovaries of normal hens and ovaries from hens with ovarian cancer. Ovarian tissue from normal hens and hens with ovarian cancer was collected for quantitative real-time PCR and immunofluorescence analysis. Quantitative real-time PCR results showed that the relative mRNA expression of ESR1 and the ratio of ESR1/ESR2 are significantly greater from hens with ovarian cancer when compared to normal ovarian tissue. Immunofluorescence analysis showed differential ESR1 and ESR2 pr.. Read More»

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