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Khan Mahmud Amanat


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    Finite Element Investigation of a Bolted Extended End-Plate Moment Connection Subjected to Variation of Temperature
    Author(s): Md Manik Mia and Khan Mahmud AmanatMd Manik Mia and Khan Mahmud Amanat

    Although beam to beam joints are a critical part of steel structures and connection strength varies with temperature considerably, regrettably very few works have been conducted under elevated temperature conditions on end plate moment connection. The strength and stiffness properties degrade with increase of temperature. This paper presents an investigation of a bolted extended end-plate beam to beam joint subjected to variation of temperature. 20°C, 204°C, 316°C, 427°C, 649°C temperatures were considered for finite element analysis and their effects on end-plate moment connection were discussed. It has been found that with the increase of temperature, end plate thickness does not vary but stiffness of end plate reduces considerably. Finally, the effects of the changes of different beam parameters on the end-plate moment connection were discussed. .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-784X.1000225

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