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    Comparative Pharmacognostical Studies of Blue and White Flower Varieties of Clitoria ternatea l.
    Author(s): Khatoon S, Irshad S, Rawat AKS and Misra PKKhatoon S, Irshad S, Rawat AKS and Misra PK

    Objective: To establish the quality control parameters for two varieties of Clitoria ternatea among which one is medicinally important whereas second is ornamental. Method: The pharmacognostic studies were focused on macroscopy, qualitative and quantitative microscopy, physicochemical parameters, quantitative estimation of phenolics, flavonoid and also the TLC profiling with two phenolics (caffeic and ferulic acid) and two terpenoid markers (lupeol and β-sitostrol). Results: The distinguishing macroscopical feature is white and blue colour of corolla while the microscopy showed more starch grains in root; variations in pericyclic fibers, xylem vessels and pith in stem and quantitative parameters of leaf. Some variations were also observed in physicochemical parameters. However, TLC fingerprint profiles of b.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2472-0992.1000109

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