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Honey Mehra


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    Hydraulic and Structural Design of Navigational Locks
    Author(s): Amit Dhanuka, Shivendra Kumar Agrawal and Honey MehraAmit Dhanuka, Shivendra Kumar Agrawal and Honey Mehra

    Navigation lock is a structure in the waterway provided to create a safe navigation passage between two water pools which are not at the same level. The reason for difference in water levels can be natural such as tidal variations or can be manmade such as construction of dam or barrage across the river. The main components of Navigation lock comprise of approach channels, lock pit, filling/emptying arrangement. Design of lock depends on lockage time, water level variations, Lock capacity requirements, design vessel size. filling/emptying system shall be designed to work under gravity flow without any pumping requirements. Filling/emptying system is chosen to get appropriate filling/ emptying time. The optimum time for filling and emptying is generally kept between 8.0-10.0 minutes. The size of filling culverts are so computed to attain the optimum time for filling/emptying. Every loc.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-784X.1000297

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