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Hadush K Meresa

Arbaminch University (AMU),

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    Modeling of Hydrological Extremes Under Climate Change Scenarios in The Upper Blue Nile River Basin, Ethiopia
    Author(s): Hadush K Meresa and Mulusew T GatachewHadush K Meresa and Mulusew T Gatachew

    The impact of climate change on modeling of hydrological extremes is needed to asses at regional and local scales since these vicissitudes are not uniform over the globe. This work stresses on climate change impact on the hydrological extremes (MMAX, CMAX, NNHF, Q10, MMIX, CMIX, MIN7, and Q90) and precipitation extremes (MLWD, MLDD, ADMT, ADMP) during the far future (2071-2100) period over the selected sites across the upper Blue Nile River basin (UBNRB), Ethiopia. The change in extreme indices were calculated based on daily precipitation and temperature data derived from the most recent CMIP5 climate projection scenarios compared to the reference period (1971-2000). The raw outputs from the climate models were corrected in order to reduce biases using distribution based quantile mapping technique. The validation and calibration demonstrates that the seasonal maximum cycle of precipit.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-784X.1000252

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