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Eriko Osaki


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    Poly (ADP-Ribose) Polymerase (PARP), an Emerging Target for Controlling Metastatic Prostate Cancer under BRCAness
    Author(s): Shinya Mizuno and Eriko OsakiShinya Mizuno and Eriko Osaki

    PARP1 is identified as an enzyme for addition of poly (ADP-ribose) to target protein(s) and is also important for DNA repair at the site of DNA single strand break (SSB). However, under PARP-inactivated states, unrepaired SSB is converted to double strand break (DSB) in S-phase, and then homologous recombination (HR) system participates in repair of DSB-injured DNA. In this process, BRCA1/2 and their binding effectors, such as RAD51 and PALB1, are recruited to the injured site for initiating HR-based DNA repair. If HR-associated molecules, such as BRCA1/2, are deficient via a dysfunctional mutation or down-regulated (so called, BRCAness), cancer cells undergo further DSBs and eventually result in apoptotic cell death. In response to HR-deficiency, PARP1 is activated to repress SSB, a source of DSB before DNA replication, hence suggesting a new target of PA.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2476-2261.1000127

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