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Elvis Enowbeyang Tarkang

 HIV/AIDS Prevention Research Network Cameroon (HIVPREC) , Commonwealth Avenue, Kumba, Cameroon


 Dr. Elvis Enowbeyang Tarkang is a founder of HIV/AIDS Prevention Research Network, Cameroon (HIVPREC) Kumba Southwest Region, Cameroon.School of Public Health, University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho, Volta Region, Ghana.2006-2009: PhD (University of South Africa (UNISA) in HIV prevention, Quantitative research, Research in the social aspects of HIV/AIDS and Adolescent sexual behaviours.

Research Interest

 Dr. Elvis Enowbeyang Tarkang Research interest includes in Public health and social sciences; Research in the social aspects of HIV/AIDS; HIV prevention; Quantitative research; Adolescent sexual behaviours.

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